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1937 Edward VIII Penny

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Buy into the £200,000 1937 Edward VIII Penny

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Buy into the £200,000 1937 Edward VIII Penny

4000 Pieces

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The value is born, not only from the rarity, but the story surrounding its design and subsequent failure to enter mass production, as a result of the Monarch’s abdication.

4000 Pieces

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7th March 2022

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First Access will be available for all owners of the 1c Magenta

8th March 2022

General Release

A limited quantity will be made available on the 8th March

31st March 2022

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Last chance to buy a Piece! (If any remain)

Working with our numismatic partners, A.H Baldwin and Sons, a replica of the 1937 One Penny will be made available to the first 100 collectors that purchase 20 or more Pieces of the coin.

A Story of the British Royal Family

Coinage that never was

The 1937 Edward VIII One Penny, like many of the world's most significant and valuable coins, is a pattern. Patterns are generally used to evaluate a coin's design prior to mass production of the regular issue, which in this particular case, following Edward VIII's sudden abdication, never happened. But this wasn't the first headache the enigmatic royal caused the Mint.

Edward VIII's predecessor and successor

Edward VIII

King for only 11 months during 1936 makes his controversial reign the shortest of any monarch in the United Kingdom's history. Uncle to Queen Elizabeth II, his desire to marry the twice divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson ensured a constitutional crisis followed, resulting in his subsequent abdication in December 1936. Was he justified in his decision to follow his heart, or did he show a lack of duty by putting his own needs above those of his country?

Left: The Daily Herald from December 11th 1936

Below: Excerpt from the bottom of the page

Politicians of note around the time of Edward VIII

The darker side of Edward?

It is the relationship with Hitler and the Nazi party which casts the darkest shadow over his time as an active member of the Royal Family. The German ambassador in The Hague, Count Julius von Zech-Burkersroda, fanned the flames of defection, claiming that the Duke had leaked the Allied war plans for the defence of Belgium. Some historians such as Michael Bloch even go so far as to suggest Hitler had plans to reinstate Edward as the ruling monarch following a successful invasion of English shores.

Breaking Tradition

Since the time of Charles II, the direction the head faces on each subsequent Monarch’s coinage has alternated. With one exception… Edward VIII. Whether it was a sign of rebellion against convention or an indication of vanity to show what he considered to be his better side-profile, Edward VIII broke with tradition making this 1937 One Penny particularly special.


Following his abdication, Edward requested a set of the coins but George VI refused, making this 1937 Edward VIII One Penny the second item on Showpiece that not even a King could obtain. But soon you can.

The succession of the Throne

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A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd has a history that dates to 1872 and is one of the largest and longest established numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world. The Baldwin family developed an infallible reputation for the encouragement and support they gave to collectors and students of numismatics.

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