How it Works

Real ownership. Tangible items. Proven provenance.

With the support of our expert partners we scour the globe for iconic collectables with Incredible stories, documented provenance and a track record of desirability.

We curate

Our expert partners seek out rare or unique items with incredible stories.

We fractionalise

A trust is established with the beneficial interest split into a fixed number of fractions which we call ‘Pieces’.

You benefit

Own the unobtainable, pro-rata economic benefits and voting rights on any buyout offer plus item specific benefits.

Buy & sell pieces

Buy Pieces when they come live, and once the listing closes, sell pieces to other collectors via the Marketplace at a price of your choice.

We partner with specialists to find items with real value

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What is a Piece? What is fractional ownership?

The rarest and most iconic items are often unobtainable for the vast majority. Showpiece acquire these items and fractionalise into 'Pieces' which as Forbes highlights, allows a wider group to participate in ownership.

To create pieces, a trust is established for each item and split into a number of fractions. You receive a legal deed of ownership upon purchase (sample terms of purchase), and each fraction has an equal beneficial interest in the item.

Ownership of a Piece directly corresponds to the physical item, where possible made available for collectors to view. You vote on the future of the item and in the event an offer is accepted, are paid pro-rata.

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I've read again and again the fascinating stories behind these treasures, but being a realist, never imagined I would ever own any of them. A shared ownership, and a chance to view the whole object which psychologically and in reality is, in part, in MY collection

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Gerry Kersey, Trustpilot, GB

We cover costs so you don't have to

Showpieces are professionally stored by our partners

Fully insured against damage or theft

No management fees

No admin fees

Founding Member's Club

A key element of fractionalisation is democratisation. Our Founding Members Club help us ensure our approach reflects that! We're building a small community of engaged collectors to help us shape the future of Showpiece and collectables. Keen to join? Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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